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Balkan milk products and cheese

There are nearly 200 large and small mini-dairies in Serbia adhering high production standards producing high quality dairy products. Serbs prefer “young” cheese that is mild. Being national Serbian food, it is hard to be found anywhere else but in Serbia.White home-made cheese is produced in the secrets, spent years.

White homemade cheese is made by old-time recipes, honed over many years.

Kaskaval – semi-hard cheese.

The pearl of Serbian cuisine - Kaymak!

Kaymak – is a delicate dairy product, which has no analogues in the world. It is produced from salted top layers of cream, collected from freshly prepared baked cow’s or sheep's milk. Kaimak is collecting layer by layer in wooden cages. It has a very delicate, slightly salty creamy taste. It is added to many dishes, served as a snack, and also spread on bread. Kaymak is incredibly popular in Serbia and recommended for tasting.


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