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Help importers

How can we help You to import from Serbia?

  1. We create the list of products that are in demand on the territory of Russia. We do the estimates of effective demand and determine target group of potential consumers.
  2. We provide you the list of potential Serbian manufacturers and help you to pick the business partners meeting the optimal price-to-quality ratio. At the end, you will have the information regarding the prices as well as logistics costs. Based on the received information one can calculate approximate cost of imported goods and do the price formation from producer to store shelf.
  3. We organize your meetings and negotiations in Serbia based on the list of potential suppliers and help you to choose the business partner.
  4. We help you to choose the customs broker who will navigate you through legal nuances of customs clearance. In addition, the declaration of goods and registration of imports is carried out in electronic form, using special software
  5. We assist you in concluding an international supply contract and determining suitable terms. Foreign contract
  6. The international contract draws up in 3 languages. Russian version will be needed for you and Russian authorities (customs, banks, fiscals). Versions in English and Serbian are for your contractor, as well as for customs and regulatory authorities in Serbia.
  7. In case of FCA terms of your contract we assist you in choosing reliable carrier. All questions related to goods delivery is in our competence.
  8. At the start, your Serbian partner will work on prepayment. In accordance with Russian regulations you will need bank account in euro, transaction passport and currency control checking every international transaction.
  9. After the payment, our Serbian representative will control shipment dates, provide quality control and check other key parameters of the shipment.

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